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A glimpse into the life of a man struggling to adjust to the expectations of the world

October 5, 2023

Love this line in his book, ‘Who knows if this is all bullshit I’m writing, but it’s my personal bullshit that belongs only to me. I think the world of people don’t really hear what they’re thinking in their heads because they have all the chatter and consensus of voices outside of theirs battling for space.’

Though there are grammatical and spelling errors, the message overall with these little gems of realization and understanding through his filter, is ultimately hope: it’s for understanding, for belonging, for his search for his meaning of existence. It’s a self journey of realization that truly is life inspiring, at least for me reading it.

Bravo, Jason. I hope you write more memoirs about your experiences so we as readers can appreciate these different viewpoints and new filters of understanding and interpretation we take for granted.

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Independent thought

Deeply Personal

October 1, 2023

This is a deeply personal and inspirational account that sheds light on the experiences of individuals facing autism and mental health challenges. This journal offers a unique glimpse into the author’s journey, providing valuable insights and guidance for those on similar paths. With courage and authenticity, it explores the triumphs and trials of living with these conditions, ultimately offering hope and encouragement to readers who may find solace and inspiration within its pages. Well done.

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Very Interesting

September 28, 2023

Very interesting. It’s difficult to place this book in a particular category. But interesting.

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